Your Guide To Buying Prescription Sunglasses

Sun rays can be a real danger to your eyes. The sun is emitting light that is a basic need for life on this planet, but when it comes to your sight, it can be very dangerous. The ultraviolet rays are responsible for a lot of eye problems. That’s why optometrists suggest always wearing quality protective sunglasses out there.

In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about buying a pair after you visited the optometrist or the ophthalmologist. After you made an examination and the doctor prescribed buying new ones, you need to make a perfect choice. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Know your frame size

A lot of the buying today is happening online. There are lots of companies offering glasses over the internet and prescription sunglasses are no exception. Going to the store and choosing from the isle is one thing, but buying over the internet demands some basic understanding of optics and frames.

What you must know in this case is that the distance between your pupils is the most important for understanding what frame size are you. This is usually measured in millimeters, so take the ruler and see what kinds of frames you need.

Find out if insurance covers it

Prescription sunglasses are basically a medical aid. Before buying new ones see if your insurance covers a part of it or the whole amount. They are not a fashion brand that costs a lot of money, but if you can save a dollar on this, why not do it, right?

There are lots of brands offering great pieces that both look good and do the main job they are meant for. Make a good compromise between these two and feel good wearing them.

Look for maximum UV protection

A good protective sunglass will provide you with 100% UV protection. The main job of the sunglasses is repelling the glare and the UV rays. Never accept a pair that offers less than 99% protection from this.

The main job of these glasses is to protect your eyes and make you feel comfortable when you go out on the sun. That’s why companies that produce prescription sunglasses take this into consideration in the first place.

Understand face/frame logic

Not every type of face and every type of color tone are suitable for all kinds of frames. You need to understand the logic of combining the face with the frame. There are five basic face types and two basic skin tones. The face types are oval, round, rectangle, heart, and diamond. The skin tones are warm and cool.

All these have their own rules about combining type and color of the frames. If the lenses are something that you choose based on quality and needs, the frames is the part where you need to express yourself.

For example, if the type of your face is round and you have a warm skin tone, then the best frames for you would be bronze rectangle frames or a similar option that you’ll like more. If you want to learn more about what face type you are, please take a look at this link.

Look for a combination of seeing glasses and sunglasses

If you’re a person that wears seeing glasses and you also need glasses for sun protection, then you can make a combination of both. There are great designs that offer a combination of these two. Ask for your optometrist to give you a prescription for something like this and enjoy never forgetting again where you placed one of them.


A lot of famous brands offer prescription glasses. You don’t have to be worried and think that only poor models are a part of this deal. The only thing you need to do before getting prescription sunglasses is to see an eye doctor, get a description, and learn all about your face and skin tone.

After this, you can both shop online or at the store. At the store you can find opticians who know all about frames, lens, and glasses, so you can ask for advice. If you like more the privacy of your home, then you can also shop online. Just, be sure you know the right measurements.