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Fun Things to Do and Places to Stay in Armidale

Armidale is located in New South Wales, Australia and it is known for its rich history. The natives of Armidale are aborigines. Seeing that Armidale has so many natural resources and historical sites, it is no surprise that it receives so many tourists. There is so much that you can do while in Armidale and this article will give great ideas on what you should do and places you can stay in when you go for holiday in Armidale.

If at all you enjoy beautiful views and love great wine, then Armidale has something for you. Peterson’s is one of the vineyards found around Amirdale. Perterson’s has a good winery and home on the property. When you go to Peterson’s you get to taste wine, and you can have a picnic while enjoying the views. When you go to Armidale, do not forego visiting Peterson’s.

While in Armidale, you can go on food tours. A food tour affords you a chance to enjoy local food that comes in a wide variety. Food tours are not just about you eating but you get a chance to interact in close quarters with the locals. You have no idea how much you can learn about Armidale when you go on a food tour. These tours are usually guided, the guide will answer any of the questions you have and they will explain a bit more about the foods in Armidale. All food lovers must make a point of going on food tours in Armidale because you not only enjoy but you eat tasty food Armidale-style. I strongly believe a tour to Armidale is not complete without a food tour.

Armidale has picturesque natural features such as Ebor waterfalls. You will be doing yourself a great injustice when you go to Armidale and fail to visit these beautiful waterfalls.

Other than the places that you must visit, there are great places to stay while in Armidale. These accommodation advise is suitable for everyone, those who want to economic accommodation and those who want something luxurious.

You have the option of staying in cottages while in Armidale. When you go to these cottages, you enjoy comfort in a cozy space. These cottages are found both in the middle of town and away from town, intertwined with nature, so there is something for everyone.

There are camping grounds for those who want to commune with nature. Camping is relatively cheap, and you can hire camp gear from the campsite management.

While in Amerdale you can opt to stay in a motel. In the motels in Armidale offer you sufficient packing space and cozy rooms.

If you love the comforts of a hotel then you can get that in Armidale. You can find hotels of different types and sizes; they are located in different. Since all these hotels are great it is up to you to select the one that works for you.

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