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Choosing a Wine Cooler

Sometime sooner or later in a wine lover’s life, their enjoyment of wine tasting will turn into a passion for wine collecting. The wine collecting passion can come anywhere, from a winery tour or even a wine festival, all it takes is to taste the perfect wine that you had to absolutely take home a whole case of.

After obtaining a handful of wine bottles of course you need a proper place to store them. A few people are already lucky enough to own a basement or some other cool area in their house there wine can be ideally stored at the best possible temperature and humidity level. In case you belong to the majority that doesn’t have quite the ideal house setup, you can go for a wine cooler or wine refrigerator; the wine has to be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regardless of what you look for in a wine cooler, the shape and the size of even the brand, there’s bound to be one that fits the bill; some wine coolers are designed to fit under your cabinet and hold a meagre number of bottles, while others are designed to hold a larger collection that consists of a hundred bottles or more. Searching and choosing an ideal wine cooler can be a difficult task for beginners, so better take in some of the tips below.

Features and Quality

When it comes to the quality, you’d be surprised at how greatly wine coolers differ from one another. Much like you’d expect, basic wine coolers contain your wine collection at the ideal temperature and relative humidity but it doesn’t do anything else aside from that. Wine cooler units with higher quality have two different cooling zones; these cooling zones are used for the storing as well as the tempering of white and red wines. UV-protected glass, digital temperature control panels and pull-out shelving for wine bottles with different sizes as just a few of the other features that quality wine coolers can offer. A few other wine coolers have built in alarms that sound off whenever there’s something wrong with the temperature, humidity level or the door itself.

The Wine Cooler’s Pricing

The most basic out of all the quality wine coolers don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for larger capacity wine coolers then be prepared to pay a very handsome price. Aside from the actual cost of the item, you may also have to shoulder the costs for shipment to your home; larger capacity wine coolers might set you back another several hundred dollars just for the shipping costs.

Wine Coolers or Wine Racks?

According to some wine collectors, the combination of wine cooler and rack in cool space offers an incredibly affordable alternative to wine storage. Have a quick look around your collection and see which ones are actually appropriate for the wine rack.

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