How to take care of the best wet and wavy weaves?

Everyone likes to style their hair in different ways. We sometimes use hair extensions and weaves to add a great look to our hair. Wet and wavy weaves look simply stunning if you use them on your hair properly for styling purpose. They offer a wide array of styling options. In fact, you can dye them if you want. These weaves do not need a lot of maintenance, they are quite long-lasting if you spare a bit of your time in taking care of them.

How to take care of the best wet and wavy weaves?

This is not a difficult thing to do. If you follow some simple steps and do them timely, you can easily maintain them.

Remember, these hair weaves are usually manufactured using synthetic fibre or human hair. These hair weaves can get tangled sometimes. So try to follow the steps mentioned below to keep your wet and wavy weaves maintained:

Whenever your weaves get tangled, make sure that you use a tooth comb or your finger to detangle them.

You need to wash them every 10 days. Make sure to use a good quality shampoo to wash them. Also, you need to use a good conditioner post shampooing them. There are various suitable shampoos and conditioners available in the market for these weaves. Get your hands on some good products to use on your weaves.

It’s the best option to air dry these wet and wavy weaves. You can use a blow dryer if you are in a hurry. But make sure to change the settings to low heat.

Use a bristle brush to style these weaves. You can use some moisturizer or some popular hair styling items. Always remember to use quality products.

Do not use heat styling equipment to style your weaves.

If you are taking a nap, braid these wet and wavy weaves.

While working out, you have a few options. You can either tie a ponytail or go for 2 braids.

It’s better to avoid swimming in a pool wearing these wet and wavy weaves. Swimming pools have chlorinated water which is not ideal for these wet and wavy weaves. Try to wear a swimming cap while swimming.

To avoid frizz, try to put the weave on a wig stand or mannequin head when you are not using them. Try to buy a tall enough wig stand so that the weave can hang freely. Remember, any kind of friction whether it’s with surface or surrounding material is not good for the weave.

You need to protect the weaves during extreme weather situations. Try to wrap your head with a scarf or wear a fashionable hat. This will anyway enhance your look and protect your weave from harsh weather conditions.

Brush your weave on a regular basis.

You need to provide enough moisture to your weaves. Try to spray some sheen on your weave after you’re done styling it. This will give a shiny look to your weave.

Synthetic weaves come at various patterns and prices. They can simply change your look and give you a brand new look. While buying the best wet and wavy weaves, try to read some user’s review before buying one for you.