How to Properly Fit a Tennis Elbow Strap

If you suffer from tennis elbow ensure you get the right diagnosis to know for certain that it is the exact aliment. The reason for this is that there are similar conditions commonly confused with this problem. Consult a physiotherapist who thoroughly assesses the issue to help you know what you are suffering from. Here, we add more information to the best tennis elbow braces reviews in 2019 to give you more information.

Testing And Retesting The Brace

Most elbow straps have a Velcro strap that goes around the forearm and the highquality design incorporate a firm padding inside to improve comfort. As it compresses the elbow part with complications and pains. If you experience pain in the affected arm when lifting or gripping something, it means your elbow might have problems. Before fitting the elbow protector test yourself using a weighted object around the house such as a kettle by gripping to help you reassess your hand movement.

Squeezing an Object

The other alternative method is to squeeze an accessory so your arm can get good hard squares where the pain is usually at the elbow pint and forearm. Preferably, you can lift something with weight such as dumbbell to get the correct grip and know exactly where the pain is concentrated.

The Strapping Process

After testing and retesting, the next step us to wear the elbow brace. Place the compression over the forearm, ensuring the larger strap points down. Set it between 3-10 com down from the elbow point and the strap over the axial area and towards the top of your forearm. If you wiggle the fingers you can see the muscles moving under your skin. This is the spot where the rubber patch of the elbow brace should rest. Take your suitable object and retest theĀ  hand grip and tension. If you notice pain reduction, you have paced in the right area.

Re-positioning The Strap

In case you are unsure of the position of the band, rotate it to lay at the top of your elbow and further around the side of your arm. Another alternatively is to move the brace back the elbow or a bit towards your hand to help retention the elbow protector. And finally retest yourself to know if it is at the correct location to help reduce pain.


Lastly, remove the brace after finishing using it at home, work or in a tennis competition. There is no need to leave it on when you have no need for it to prevent additional tension to the affected area.


Always test before hand and retest after fitting an elbow strap. The best tennis elbow braces reviews offer information on how to pick the one that meets your needs. Remember that the brace should stay on during multiple activities such as playing golf, tennis, basket and much more. Things like repetitive gripping, lifting, and strenuous activity with your hand should cause lesser pain as compared without using one. After finish the sport, unstrap the elbow accessory to allow ideal blood flow.