Horse Sense: 3 Major Areas for Equine Care

Horses are magnificent creatures. Their history is fascinating and long, with the earliest known horses appearing about 55 million years ago. They have forged a unique bond with humans, working alongside them and even going into battle with them. If you have the privilege of living with and riding horses, or if you are considering bringing horses into your life, here are three key areas that will make the experience good for humans and equines.

1. Equipment

Make sure your horse has the best tack you can afford. Finding the right saddle for you and the horse is important. For advanced riding and jumping, you need specialized, high-quality equipment such as carefully designed horse jump cups. You will also need blankets, stable supplies such as buckets and muck rakes, and medical supplies such as pest controllers. Caring well for your equine friends is your responsibility, but time spent together is enjoyable and can help you form a close bond with horses.

2. Food

Horses can eat a variety of foods.

  • Hay
  • Grains
  • Salt and other minerals
  • Pasture grass
  • Fruits and vegetables as treats

However, their dietary needs are specific. Horses are herbivores, and they need lots of fiber. They also need multiple small meals rather than a few large ones. Make sure your equine friends have balanced diets so they stay healthy.

3. Grooming

Proper horse grooming means taking care of their coats as well as their hooves. Horses need regular combing and brushing. During grooming sessions, you not only get to know your horse, but you also can spot any potential problems early. While horses wear shoes, every time you groom your horses, pick out their feet. This is important to keep hooves healthy. You can also easily check for infections while performing this vital task.

Horses are magnificent creatures—strong, intelligent, sympathetic. Humans have depended on horses for thousands of years, and the bond between people and equines can be strong. With the right care in essential areas, you can help your horses stay healthy for a good life.