Having a Crown Fitted? 3 Facts You Should Know Before You Do

While a visit to the dentist is rarely fun, it’s essential to maintain excellent oral health. Sometimes, even when you practice good dental hygiene, you may still be told by your dentist that you must have a crown fitted. If you have a park slope family dentistry crown fitting coming up, but you really don’t know all that much about what crowns are and why they’re used, here are three fun facts about crowns that’ll help you understand them a little better.

Crowns Come in Different Materials

You can get crowns in all sorts of materials depending on your preference and your budget. Metal crowns are incredibly hard-wearing and are available in gold, platinum, or base-metal alloys. Metal is a highly visible material, so many patients choose this only when the tooth isn’t in view. However, sometimes people like their crown on show – particularly when they have a gold one.

Crowns Are Often Used in Conjunction With Other Dental Treatments

Crowns aren’t just a standalone procedure: they partner up with other treatments too. You’ll need a crown if you’re having a bridge fitted as they secure the bridge in place. They may also be used alongside a filling if you’re suffering from extreme tooth decay: the filling fills the void left behind after decayed material has been removed, and the crown covers the filling, strengthening the tooth.

You’re Likely to Have a Temporary Crown Before Your Real Crown Is Fitted

Having a crown involves not one dental visit, but two. Before your dentist can fit your permanent crown, they need to prepare the tooth. After they have done so, he or she will fit a temporary (often stainless steel) crown to keep food and germs out of your tooth until your next appointment.

Enjoy a beautiful smile of which you can be proud. If you’re unhappy with your teeth – whether that be because they’re causing you pain, or you don’t like how they look – make an appointment with your dentist today.